How to Keep Pests and Animals Out of Your Skip Bin

Are animals and pests invading your trash and making it hard for you to keep the area around your skip bin clean? If the waste in your skip bin smells edible, it will undoubtedly attract animals in your neighbourhood. As a result, you will find trash littered all around your skip bin, and this can create an unsafe environment in your home. What's more, pests such as rodents may find their way into the skip bin, and once the food is depleted, they will invade your home in search for more. To avoid this, you need to follow these tips to keep pesky creatures out of your skip bin.

Follow disposal guidelines

The first step to maintaining a clean area around your skip and keeping away animals is following the disposal guidelines. Most companies specify the kind of waste that can you can dump into the bin. In most cases, food waste is not on the list of accepted items. Ensure that you dispose of food and food-related waste in the designated trash can and not in the skip bin. This will not only keep animals out of your bin but also save you from being charged by your skip hire company for dumping the wrong waste.

Keep the lid closed

Skip bins come with a lid, and one of its purposes is to keep animals out of your bin. However, most people lift the lid when disposing of waste and forget to close it when done. As a result, pests and animals will make a home in the trash, dig through it, and litter your front yard. Make sure that you keep the skip bin's lid closed at all times to keep out the animals. If the lid is made from a lightweight material, place something heavy such as a stone over it so that bigger animals like dogs won't flip it open.

Place bin away from structures

The placement of your skip bin can determine whether animals will be attracted to the bin. For example, if you place the skip near a fence, railing, or next to a shed, it is easy for animals to climb up the structure and jump into your skip bin. Since most skips are heavy, the rental companies advise you not to move it after delivery. So after hiring one, place it away from structures that could facilitate easy access for animals.

Follow these simple yet effective tips to keep animals and pests out of your skip bin. Contact a company that offers skip bin services for additional advice.